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3 months in

So I am about 3 months into my new club and its going - well - ok. I love teaching and the motivation it gives me to keep improving my karate. I think I have a good product but letting the world know that is not as easy as I thought. Working a full time job and having a full time family means I can't devote lots of time to promoting my club. However I am picking up tips and slowly but surely increasing the effectiveness of my online presence.

The hardest thing with a club is something I have faced all through my karate career spanning back to my teenage years - when people love the idea of training but not the reality which is regular frequent training to build up and effective skills set. The harsh reality is that we have to training a lot to become good at anything and when that realization sets in a lot of people choose to let karate go - which is a shame as so many of them are gaining so much from their training.

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